which's mistake, where's error

March 13 - rather than error, I'm prefer make mistake~~! today I've learn something.. Question~~!.. error and mistake; what is the different~~?.. have you ever wonder?.. have you ever notice the different?..
from the expert, mistake is a situation when we realize after something we supposed not to make, where error means we still make the mistake rapidly without noticing that is a mistake.. humm~~! is it making a sense?..

but for me.. mistake; a stupid damn thing we have done and should regret on that.. it's an another question whether we should be forgiven or not.. the fact that it's a thing we already done.. in the others hand, error; a unnoticeable mistake that we do and it is still under control.. mistake or not?; error or not?; once you done, you better correct it.. but in some cases, we purposely make mistake and do errors.. reasons~~?.. humm.. Once the elder said , there is something we hesitate to do but we bravely do it, and something we should have do but we hesitate to do it..

kakinote : mistake or error, do avoid it when applying for MARA loan~~! hee~~!

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