the dogma continued

May 4 - I'm back to drew with English.. This time, 'Broken English' (ehheh2).. Things are getting straight forward today.. Everything seems predictable and yet I'm still unachievable.. Consequence (my fav. words..wee) I'm a bit late to understands the situation played.. Recalled.. As the paper this morning (QSM & Tx) not 'that' tough but somewhere I'm run off the tracks (lalala~~!).. My head can't stands on its own and minor headache loudly screaming the pain (adoiyai~~!).. Enough the confession session held, I'm better get going.. This time, let I talks to myself....

I : what time is now?
Myself : 45 after 10..
I : what were we doing eh?
Myself :
I : what we should being doing?
Myself : study..? we guess?..
I : then??....
Myself : then what??.. 'maen2' la kot..
I : Otak lol..
Myself : huh??..hee.. ok2..jum~~
I : adoiyai~~

maka.. continued study la diri kami.. Sekian~~

kaki notes : study mode~~!


MAY 2 - Yup, i write personally.. eventually at last.. mm, i been thinking to privatize my blog since age ago.. and today it is realize.. this is the first entry i write to myself and i am happy with this... cut the crap, first I'm really calm(baru bgon tidow), even certain things run up off the tracks but anyhow I'm manage to cope with it..*haih*(it's take a deep breath to cope with this mess)..

Perenggan baru baris satu.. yup, first time jugak entry ni dalam bhasa melayu..(knape?) saje suke2 je.. huh, hebat sgt ke aku smpai xbole dah na berbahasa sendiri?..heh2.. plus..markah 'technical communication' aku xde la stinggi mne..I'm happy..(yeke?) tak lah, xpuas la..even though dpt A tp xmnepati target aku..
(nak tinggi mne lagi?) heh2.. pros & cons.. highest in the class but not of the batch.. nur hidayah ape ntah(if not mistaken) got 91..clas mne pon tataw..hee..kagum.. even xde la beza mrkah jao sgt(xsampai 10 pon) tp dia ttp hebat(da dpt da free carry marks dr aku nih, klau packages laen ok mmg la kne ngorat budak ni..heh2) anyway, next sem 'professional communication', here i come..lalala~~

*sigh* awkward isn't it?.. I'm still having time to write this silly diary even final is on my barrier(release tension kot) huh, screaming out, most of my time is release.. (ckp mlas je kan senang) heh, anywhich, this is me.. I'm happy(yeke?) iye, kali ni mmg happppyyy~~!

perenggan empat tajuk pembukaan kerajaan-kay.. heh, anyway, I'm some how gonna open-writing but one day lah..bkn esok lusa ok... tggu da bjuta post, pastu aku open la balik..sabaw laa..*giggle*hik2

next topics... tade da..tu je aku na ckp..byk lagi tp nt2 la eak..hee..salam

kakinote - nme entry pon freedom, so font size pon freedom


..1st May - Today in history..
Happy birthday to(click utk ke blog beliau)

Happy 22th birthday on this first May 0f 2009~~
Happy 28th day older than me(hint tu na promote birthday aku pulak)
Happy Labour Day(means holiday also for study...eheh)
Happy final exam also(just anggap la hadiah birthday from dekan)
Happy sleep tite tonight(after 'hantu2' story section just now)
Happy blogging afterward and serve the best work(and impressed more ehem2)
May GOD bless you and your life after(Aminn..)
May you got your MARA loan cepat sikit(same goes to me ;/)
May you be happily ever after with ehem-ehem Shira(bkn nme sbnar eak)
May you belanja me McD etc.(cafe bawah pon ok jee)
May you trough the exam week survivable-ly(eheh2)
May you got for Hostel place next sem(to me also)
May you have the best May(da xde modal na karut)
& May you have a prosperous and successful day ahead~~

kaki note : muka ade senyumm...wakaka~~