Feb 26 - Salam~~! Happy mid-term~~! haih~~! exhausted~~! a moment ago been a chaos for me.. rushing here and there..bla bla & bla.. ain't gonna talk bout that anymore.. I'm found solace now.. it's been better~~! thirsty Thursday~~! It's really are.. I'm packed today.. 8 to 7.. anyhow.. half day demolished.. half to run.. next~~! trans lab and math 3 tutor..
nextttt~~! holiday~~! yerp.. I'm off by then for approx 7 days.. soO, I'm not posting any what for that period.. sorry in advance..
adoiyai.. yawning~~! lets called for a day~~! Kuantan here I go~~! yay~~!

No gaussian~no vector

Feb 24 - sweet home sweet avenue~~!salam.. & good day~~!.. I'm not in the mood actually.. ain't gonna talk much then.. lousy day isn't it?.. it's cloudy and shadow outside been periodically whole day within..
bla bla & bla..
first things first~~!
tomorrow.. placed primary,
Death *i mean* Math 3 Phase Test.. adooyai..300-500 p.m.. as usual ladies, I'm ain't prepared a single things and still 'play-play'~~! hehheh~~ prediction~~! No Gaussian, No Vector~~
*so rilek2 la dlu*
haih..gonna end and shed the talk..I'm even can't speak coherently at this state.. plenty kind of entry I'm thought of, but ain't ready to posting yet.. until then, that's for now..daa~~

hate to wonder

Feb 21 - Salahkah aku~~? bila aku bukanlah seperti aku yg dahulu~~! Playback~~ Perfection is a way to be.. I've learn a lot and and lost a lot.. It's been some since I haven't post an entry here.. well, I'm a bit busy somewhere~~ where and what throwing to question now.. Question~~! Have you ever love somebody?..and lots to lost to have somebody?.. and until one day you recalled back and asking yourself?.. it's worth to do that?.. it's self satisfaction to earn that?.. or it's just wasted to drain?.. I'm asking a lot~~! Regret is a thing.. and bear to losing is an another.. Realize is a result.. and curing is useless to do.. some more~~ Nothing much left to say.. Currently, I'm confusing.. something attracted me to another and keep unnoticed the other.. I'm afraid to have both nor neither losing~~! I don't wanna be a murderer~~! Aminn~~!

I'm Power Blogger

Feb 19 - Half day had been drew out and another is yet to come~~!..It's such a hot and sunny day's bring me much more exhausted faster than usual..This morning class were Technical Communication taught by Madam Maizatul Husni..One of my favorite subjects and lecturer.. She's really intelligence from my personal view according to her speech, the way she word a sentences, and the formal knowledge she've taught me.. Differ to that, on the other hands, next is Circuit Theory 2 class..The award nominee for worse subject on my entire life.. I don't know how and why, it's kind a 'b' word when Circuit Theory came across..and as symptoms, 'm' word were mixing together, created a conclusion of 'Zzz' consequences..That's it~~!.. another Superposition Theorem..hahaha.. Next class, 3 in the noon were Transmission System Lab conduct by Madam Punitha.. A class full of excitements, unconscious minds, and dream to be..
Next topics...Templates..If you guys notice, I've been changed my layout's blog from normal one for previous to green-'cara'-funky layout..hehheh.. but beneath the story, I've spent almost a day working on this new looks.. Satisfaction~~?.. Sort of.. there's some small error for this modern look template.. First~~ the fonts doesn't suits me at all..and I've to post all of my entry in Large Font in order to view as now or otherwise it's become so small..Second~~ the widgets, some of basic application were paralize for this template..means, I can't apply navigation bar at the top..It's kind a important for me as I'm use it a lots..Next is Shortcut's Edit in the bottom of every entry..this also important when I'm trying to edit the post if it's misplace the font and picture.. Melee~~ I've receive some comments of my friends about the delaying period viewing the's kind a heavy for first time actually, but tried to refresh it a couple of time and it's will completing viewed the whole pages.. hurmm..It's a bit frustrated and heartache when we really work on somethings and rely the best on it when suddenly it's all fall apart.. I've construct it to be the best sites ever and I hope more to come presenting year...

Quran sites review

Feb 18 - Happy mid week.. Salam ukhwah.. Sharing time~~! I've found this entry in one blog sites..a friend of mine.. I read carefully and acknowledge this website and found that this is really useful for us and I've an intention to review it to all today.. Introducing~~! >>QuranFlash<<
The online sites for Muslim users..Here we can viewing Al-Quran and read it directly from the web..They have make it easier for users by serve in two languages which is English and Arabian.. The pages need an Adobe Reader to encrypt the whole pages..If you don't have the latest version of Adobe Readers, please get it >>here<<..
This is really a good sites and could be an effective medium for Muslims that wanted to read Quran online.. Please visits this info page for your additional information of Quran flash >>info<<.. More free stuffs.. You can download this Quran Flash for free and save it in your database.. Plus.. They also introducing Tajweed Quran and it's also free for all.. >>Download pages<<
This valuable websites should we adverts and view in our pages as this could help other Muslim users with this useful tools.. If you finds this ideas necessary, you could place a banner in your pages too in order to promote the sites.. You can get the banner >>here<< and it's comes with variable size and pattern which it may suits you..

sites review

Feb 17 - Go0d day~~! Question~~! As Muslim, have you ever know where actually you headed when you performs the Solah all this while?..In matter of time and fact, didn't you acknowledge this kind of topics should placed earlier before judging the wellness and perfectness of ones?..or even you take for granted and assume this matter unnecessary?.. well, what ever it is.. you now can check the 'Qibla' of your situation from where ever destination..
Introducing~~! Qibla Locator~~! What is the Qibla Locator?.. It’s a simple and effective way to locate the Qibla (direction of the Kaa’ba) without using a compass or knowing which direction exactly North is... All you need to know is where you are and know how to look at a map.. Don't be afraid of the truthness of this article where you can check yourself the blog of this Qibla Locator and there you can finding extra more information needed..
Here, as exampled I'm already done searched for UniKL BMI..exactly from Male Hostels..

free go0dies for BMIster~~!

i forgot my lyrics

Feb 16 - Consequence~~! toink2~~ Serve me right..Last night I can't recall why on earth I'm haven't study a single topics on EM..Even noticeble only one chapter required but the level of hardworking-less is absolute low in this half-way dead minded soul... consequences of that bad behavior, this morning quiz is an absolute failure and disaster to me... only running cross my mind nowadays is mid-term break even so it's way long road to go... so what skills I'm used early this morning is none other than the 'creative juice' itself..hua-hua-hua... it's ironically to see some of my classmates does the way as I'm do and me started to wondering what are really they up to?.. didn't they study last night or did they end up just likes me too?..huummm.. *blank*.. Recall the first question itself, I can't figured out the equation more regardless to determined the exact answers.. I'm really clueless and lost in that creepy TTL-06 and flew out no where.. disenchanted?.. a bit.. urmm..lots actually..If..I had even study a bit further... this will never end up like this.. 10% burnt.. and there's a little black dots in my*mn-dots... I need liquid paper... Ooh my God.. I need tons of guts.. I need millions of courages.. and I need plenty of efforts.. Aminn..