i forgot my lyrics

Feb 16 - Consequence~~! toink2~~ Serve me right..Last night I can't recall why on earth I'm haven't study a single topics on EM..Even noticeble only one chapter required but the level of hardworking-less is absolute low in this half-way dead minded soul... consequences of that bad behavior, this morning quiz is an absolute failure and disaster to me... only running cross my mind nowadays is mid-term break even so it's way long road to go... so what skills I'm used early this morning is none other than the 'creative juice' itself..hua-hua-hua... it's ironically to see some of my classmates does the way as I'm do and me started to wondering what are really they up to?.. didn't they study last night or did they end up just likes me too?..huummm.. *blank*.. Recall the first question itself, I can't figured out the equation more regardless to determined the exact answers.. I'm really clueless and lost in that creepy TTL-06 and flew out no where.. disenchanted?.. a bit.. urmm..lots actually..If..I had even study a bit further... this will never end up like this.. 10% burnt.. and there's a little black dots in my future..black-annoyed-little-d*mn-dots... I need liquid paper... Ooh my God.. I need tons of guts.. I need millions of courages.. and I need plenty of efforts.. Aminn..

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