earn 5% today

Feb 13 - After one comes another.. did we stood still, or touch down and turn around?.. there's plenty to coming so make sure we alert and prepared 110%.. dear class-mates and course-mates, the war has began..
yesterday we first face the Technical Communication Quiz and Thank God everything go smoother.. the question however not that difficult because its only covered first chapter where knowledge and basic skill come in handy.. but in certain parts, the questions is tricked, and the answers is confusing.. i recall the Phonetics part where's the question a little bit tricky and the Contextual Clues part where's the answers given almost similar..
while earlier morning we had Engineering Math III Quiz.. with cold and fever adopted, I'm Thank to God because lent me a strength to face the test with that manners.. there's only one question asked and as my predicts, The Matrices of Gaussian Eliminations Method is the topic.. luckily this kind of method is my favorites and frankly speaking, it is easy.. the tricky part here, is the question each of us get is differ to else.. but the method is still same.. its a little bit funny when a friend sit next to me try to realize me that my answer is wrong and differ from him.. we again checked and positively find our question actually in different digits but still in same equations.. haa, no wonder the lecturer lets us sit nearly to each other..hahaha..
hummm.. upcoming fixtures.. Continuous Signal & System Quiz held tonight by 8p.m and Electromagnetic Wave Quiz held next week..

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