moments of truth

Feb 6 - my day is about to end..its quarter after fon still doin' its routine..... still sulking and rapidly rejected my sim card.. it killing me to death in silents..i didn't know what the fu*king hell about it..after thousand times on and off my stupid-damn-N70, its finally works..its open out my unreceived sms..there's of its...........
sent by a girl..a girl used to be my everything..used to be mine..telling me a predicament news..text that her dad passed away yesterday..its really shocking me a while..I'm really4 sympathize on her and sorry to heard the news..I'm really hopes she doing okay and get up stronger to face the truth..
plus..i absolute pray for her dad's peace and may he closed to the almighty..
pity her..i hopes to be on her side by really hard to swallow and facing the day left without her beloved person..
it becomes more complicated when she refused to tell me further..but i wont minds and understands her current feelings..remembered..I'm always here for you dear..
May God Bless Your Family And You..

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