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Feb 17 - Go0d day~~! Question~~! As Muslim, have you ever know where actually you headed when you performs the Solah all this while?..In matter of time and fact, didn't you acknowledge this kind of topics should placed earlier before judging the wellness and perfectness of ones?..or even you take for granted and assume this matter unnecessary?.. well, what ever it is.. you now can check the 'Qibla' of your situation from where ever destination..
Introducing~~! Qibla Locator~~! What is the Qibla Locator?.. It’s a simple and effective way to locate the Qibla (direction of the Kaa’ba) without using a compass or knowing which direction exactly North is... All you need to know is where you are and know how to look at a map.. Don't be afraid of the truthness of this article where you can check yourself the blog of this Qibla Locator and there you can finding extra more information needed..
Here, as exampled I'm already done searched for UniKL BMI..exactly from Male Hostels..

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wow...wht a thoughtful man...check out mine saw u removed some widget on ur looks diff..