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Feb 19 - Half day had been drew out and another is yet to come~~!..It's such a hot and sunny day today..it's bring me much more exhausted faster than usual..This morning class were Technical Communication taught by Madam Maizatul Husni..One of my favorite subjects and lecturer.. She's really intelligence from my personal view according to her speech, the way she word a sentences, and the formal knowledge she've taught me.. Differ to that, on the other hands, next is Circuit Theory 2 class..The award nominee for worse subject on my entire life.. I don't know how and why, it's kind a 'b' word when Circuit Theory came across..and as symptoms, 'm' word were mixing together, created a conclusion of 'Zzz' consequences..That's it~~!.. another Superposition Theorem..hahaha.. Next class, 3 in the noon were Transmission System Lab conduct by Madam Punitha.. A class full of excitements, unconscious minds, and dream to be..
Next topics...Templates..If you guys notice, I've been changed my layout's blog from normal one for previous to green-'cara'-funky layout..hehheh.. but beneath the story, I've spent almost a day working on this new looks.. Satisfaction~~?.. Sort of.. there's some small error for this modern look template.. First~~ the fonts doesn't suits me at all..and I've to post all of my entry in Large Font in order to view as now or otherwise it's become so small..Second~~ the widgets, some of basic application were paralize for this template..means, I can't apply navigation bar at the top..It's kind a important for me as I'm use it a lots..Next is Shortcut's Edit in the bottom of every entry..this also important when I'm trying to edit the post if it's misplace the font and picture.. Melee~~ I've receive some comments of my friends about the delaying period viewing the pages..it's kind a heavy for first time actually, but tried to refresh it a couple of time and it's will completing viewed the whole pages.. hurmm..It's a bit frustrated and heartache when we really work on somethings and rely the best on it when suddenly it's all fall apart.. I've construct it to be the best sites ever and I hope more to come presenting year...

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