hate to wonder

Feb 21 - Salahkah aku~~? bila aku bukanlah seperti aku yg dahulu~~! Playback~~ Perfection is a way to be.. I've learn a lot and and lost a lot.. It's been some since I haven't post an entry here.. well, I'm a bit busy somewhere~~ where and what throwing to question now.. Question~~! Have you ever love somebody?..and lots to lost to have somebody?.. and until one day you recalled back and asking yourself?.. it's worth to do that?.. it's self satisfaction to earn that?.. or it's just wasted to drain?.. I'm asking a lot~~! Regret is a thing.. and bear to losing is an another.. Realize is a result.. and curing is useless to do.. some more~~ Nothing much left to say.. Currently, I'm confusing.. something attracted me to another and keep unnoticed the other.. I'm afraid to have both nor neither losing~~! I don't wanna be a murderer~~! Aminn~~!

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