the dogma continued

May 4 - I'm back to drew with English.. This time, 'Broken English' (ehheh2).. Things are getting straight forward today.. Everything seems predictable and yet I'm still unachievable.. Consequence (my fav. words..wee) I'm a bit late to understands the situation played.. Recalled.. As the paper this morning (QSM & Tx) not 'that' tough but somewhere I'm run off the tracks (lalala~~!).. My head can't stands on its own and minor headache loudly screaming the pain (adoiyai~~!).. Enough the confession session held, I'm better get going.. This time, let I talks to myself....

I : what time is now?
Myself : 45 after 10..
I : what were we doing eh?
Myself :
I : what we should being doing?
Myself : study..? we guess?..
I : then??....
Myself : then what??.. 'maen2' la kot..
I : Otak lol..
Myself : huh??..hee.. ok2..jum~~
I : adoiyai~~

maka.. continued study la diri kami.. Sekian~~

kaki notes : study mode~~!

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