From top to the galaxy

May 28 - Two after twenty;
The days turn around and meet me again..

my top 5 special thanks belongs to:
First to Allah s.w.t as continued believing and give opportunity to me to live on..(aminn)
Second to my Family; mom & dad, as their never ending supports..(i love my family, yay!)
Third to my friends; who never forget to wishes..(thanks for texting yerp)
Fourth to my little sister as her birthday songs..(mcm miley cyrus taw;D)
Fifth to my 'someones' for the late night calls..(sorry b'coz the line busy that night)

my top 5 wishing list goes to:
First hope to continue being myself and never altered..(love being myself)
Second hope to gain more healthiest condition ever..(as myself grow older)
Third hope to earn valuable knowledge and eager to study hard..(apela cgpa aku sem lpas ni ea?)
Fourth hope to cope with my family, wishing we would stay together..(family 1st)
Fifth hope to be given support from friends, foes, colleagues, mates, and you..(thanks in advance)

my top 5 grand demand falls to:
First would be phone.. (can't help it, I really love N97)
Second would be a broadband with monthly paid..( more wifi@bmi)
Third would be craving for Gundam Seed figure..(with scalar 1:144 taw)
Fourth would be Swatch..(lawa seh aritu g survey, rm15o++ sajer)
Fifth, ape2 sajer; xkesah la.. janji, dari kamu..( ;D )

kaki notes : mode; maseh musim cuti

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