1st thing 1st

..Sep 29 - After Raya Mode, the talks continued..

Issues 1 : Maseh mode raya.. Adoiyai~~! From Kuantan.. To Gombak.. Sunday afternoon.. Hati maseh beraya.. Malas~! Cuti~! Maen2~! & Maseh.. Malas~! Picture raye~? Story raye~? owh.. smea itu nanti.. heh~!

Issues two : Sudah2~~! enough.. this lousy afternoon.. got Engineering Math 4 phase test.. bernoulli's equation, non-homogenous 2nd order, linear system bla..bla..bla.. Study~? owh..belum..the time now sharply 12.. and test appoint on 5.. and I'm still here.. yay~!

Issues three : Esok jln2~! yay~! CIDB program run the day after.. by noon I'm off to.. err.. no idea.. detail story~? esok ahh~! Maseh malas.. hee~!

kaki notes : can't be detail..don't know why..

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