Ketika Menyentuh Langit

..Sep 30 - The Summon Leads to The Day of Summit..

Issues 1 : Yerp CIDB~! this afternoon the CIDB program was held and I'm were involved after a few month back registered with a fee of RM50.. well~! the program were just fine.. even the 6 hours long journey program ain't includes dinner (lapar wo~!) and refreshment, but I'm satisfied enough.. plus the participant f.o.c got safety helmet (white in colour, as for engineers actually), and CIDB card ( with my picture and name on it).. well2~! maybe some of you guys already know the purpose for this program run, especially for engineers that required to involve in site project, but for those who doesn't really understands what the hell I'm blabbering, heh~!.. well3~! the aims; to enchance our awareness on the risks and dangers of construction sites.. so, with the card awarded, we're have a right to climb the tower, entering sites etc. well4~! did I really care of all of this~?, not really actually..heh~! ok..yes~! I'm take part with all this just because to eyed-locked the prettiest view of~~! emm~~! (xphm sudah~! hee~!)

Issues dua : Mari Pusing2~! ermm.. arini byk pulak aktivitinye.. d'samping assigmnent yg maseh hnya d'pndang (math IV), d'tmbah dgn maen2 & jln2~! maka dgn itu, aku mahu tido~! sudah 01.10 a.m~! aowh ye~!, arini ushar2 blog, t'jumpe pulak blog yg baek p'nulisannye iaitu~! 'kotakhati-lunia''.. Aaa~! then, t'jumpe pulak blog yg baek informasinye iaitu~! 'cursingmalay'.. lawat2 lah blog mereka yea~! (just hover & click the name ok~?!)

Issues three : ape kne mngena tjuk entry ku kali ini dgn smea isu2 ini~? Aaa~! xde ape.. cume, tgh melepak mndgr ceramah ptg xdi, sakit pulak langit2 & gusi mulut aku neh lalu terasa bngkak pule.. eheh~! maybe gigi baru da register na gnti gigi yg laen itu.. adoi~!

kaki notes : aowh ye~! pic tu hanya sekadar hiasan., kiterorg program kt seminar room sajer~! heh~!

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♥ balkidz_hunny ♥ berkata...

ohh..pegi program kat CIDB ehh??
program ape?
on-day program ke?
sgt berminat nak pegi dari dulu,
tp smpai skrg tak kesampaian lagi..
kalo ade lagi nt inform la ehh..

btw, salam perkenalan, salam ziarah!
nice blog n thanks 4 adding me!

me berkata...

well, its awesome man, even though i dont have any idea not a bit what is it exactly, but it sounds pretty we have such thing? oo..i nver knw that... berkata...

to ♥ balkidz_hunny ♥
program utk cidb green card..
1 hari saje..6jam oh~
bla na jd follower?.. berkata...

to brandon-san~
Unikl-BMI hv such a thing~
rugi oh quit BMI~

me berkata...

huhu..quit for reason beb...huhu berkata...

to brandon-san~
where were u now~?!