Retain of Death Penalty Do Us Good

..Oct 1 - Retain of Death Penalty Do Us Good..

Issues one : Thursday~! aha.. hari penat sedunia~! my schedule set from early 10 in the morning until late 10 in the evening.. Aaa~! I've 5 class & today have been nominated for exhausted winning category for this whole semester.. pheww~! but today is differ.. I'd math assignment need to submit before 5 in the evening.. & as usual, I ain't touch it even a singgle (hebat kan~?) so, after micro class finished on 12, I've decide to skip Essential Management just to finish out the d*mn messy assignment (ponteng sunat~!) Uhh~! finally I'd made it~! yay~! finish it.. submit it.. bla.. bla.. bla.. & I'm just return from discrete signal class on 3 to 5 (balik2 bilik, xde org..uhh~!) so, blogging aa~! Aaa~! tonight at 8, still have Math 4 lecture..hurmm~~!

Issues dua : Next event~! sok cuti.. mmg jumaat xde class..heh, heaven~! tp sok ttp kna bgun awl na g submit exercise micro yg d'beri mse class xdi.. adoiyai~! tp, na submit apenye klau xbwt lagik~?.. huh.. mlm2 sket work on it.. ptg jumaat pulak.. hajat d'hati na g lowyat plaza.. mau bli printer.. yay~! sabtu~? house kt umah Mag~! mkn free~! yay2~!

Issues tiga : Ape itu 'Retain of Death Penalty Do Us Good'.. aha~! ni tjuk public speaking yg stlah pnat d'ilhamkan..kne bwt argumentative speech kate madam.. & it's a good title tmbahnye.. (smea nye bgus bg madam..hee~!) so, I'll work on it~!

kakinotes : pasni na post entry yg berinformasi pule..tunggu~!

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berinformasi? yeah.good job.will wait~ berkata...

tp xtaw lg pasal ape..
boring ke bce blog neh?..