Meet my sister

Adoiyai~~ blog ni da jadik mcm 'birthday wishes blog' dah..
Anyhow~~ this may would be the last entry on this topics..
sorry for inconvenience..

..Sep 10 - the One & Only.. beloved little sisters..

  • Happy being sixteen as 10 Sep 1993~
  • Semoge Jue mkin besar ok (hee..)
  • Na present ea?.. (kne dtg amek sendiri aa~)
  • Teddy bear? (xbole..jue da bsar kan)
  • Chocolate? (xbole..nt gmuk)
  • Jgn maen 'ym' tu aje eak (kang kne blasah nt)
  • Semoge rjin2 stdy (na SPM kan)
  • Kje skola jgn lupe bwt eak
  • Smoge bjaye dlm hidup kamu
  • & senyum2 slalu~~
  • nyanyi lagu b'day? (hee..nt tggu release album dlu)
  • syg kamu~~
kaki notes : Sape blum birthday lg angkat tgn?~~

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Welcome to Shoel's Blog berkata...

she is cute yeah thank you for your comment and hope to know you more and please help me to build my blog and how is everythign there withyou adn have a ncie day
see you

Ann berkata...

cute nye kek.. ;-)

Jumaizah Zulkarnain berkata...

hai abg ! im your tiny lil sister and im a big girl now ! how are you ??? YM dh tak adaaa dahh. if you read this lemme know yeahhh :)